Spanish Pavillion. Expo Yeosu - 2012

Deep Ocean

Development of the interactive elements and integration with prerendered animations and sound for Onionlab

"Deep Ocean presents underwater life at a depth of close to 5,000 metres dominated by strange, luminescent creatures. With an 8-metre screen, 5.1 sound, mapping on bottles, LED lighting that reacts to sound and interactivity with some of the characters from the experience, the installation is perhaps the piece that has garnered the most admiration at the Spanish Pavilion."

Everything is controlled from an openFrameworks application that plays the video accross 3 different screens and adds on top the interactive elements that appear during some moments of the animation interacting with it and reacting to people movements

The whole installation recreates a travel through the deep ocean, several creatures appear in the screen as the camera travels through the ocean. The interactive creatures pick one person in the room and follow her playing around her shilouette till she makes an abrupt movement, then they run away and pick someone else to follow

The interaction is done thorugh 2 kinect cameras that cover the 9x9m room. Using an openGL camera that looks at the point cloud returned by the kinects from above, we managed to have a view from the top of the room which makes it possible to follow anyone even if the real cameras are in front of the scene


Development of a video player that works in several computers synchronized over the network

The installation consisted of "one thousand two hundred water samples arranged in the form of a world map mapped with light show Malaspina II's journey as well as the points where the expedition took water samples and the currents that affect the oceans."

The setup for the installation used 4 projectors. The video that was projected on top of the water samples was divided in 4 parts and played on 4 different computers that were synchronized over an ethernet network using custom software developed using openFrameworks and gstreamer

The source code for the whole project can be found here

Deep Ocean - Spanish Pavillion. Expo 2012 (Korea) from onionlab on Vimeo.

Dymaxion - Spanish Pavillion Expo 2012 Yeosu from onionlab on Vimeo.