Project Soli - 2016 - 2018

For a period of about two years along with Tim Gfrerer and in collaboration with studios like Studio NAND we designed several prototypes to test different interactions for Google Advanced Technology and Projects' (ATAP) project Soli, the miniature radar that understands motions at different scales.

In a first phase we helped with the design of an openframeworks addon that allowed to interface with the Soli sensor.

We then designed tools to visualize the sensor output in a meaningful and performant way that allowed both designers and engineers to iterate and understand problems with interaction design as well as the sensor signal

In the last phase we designed different openframeworks prototypes for several use cases so the team at ATAP could try the diverse possible interactions Soli allowed.

The prototypes ranged from simple interactions to complex applications involving several actual use cases and their development involved interaction as well as UX design, optimization and signal filtering among others.

In an iterative process our prototypes allowed the team of engineers and designers at ATAP refine the sensor itself and the different interaction modes.