Faces - 2012

Direction, computer vision, shader development, installation, interaction design and performance art for my own work on the face substitution installation "Faces".

One of the first real time face substitution applications running on consumer hardware that inspired many other artists and companies to create similar experiences and was a window into things to come with later developments in AI and similar techniques for synthetic image creation.

The software was done in collaboration with Kyle McDonald, who polished the blending algorithm and developed the face tracking openFrameworks addon used in the piece.

The original online video, shocked millions of viewers in a few days with more than 1 million likes on Vimeo in around two days and several interviews in major media outlets like CNN. The final installation was featured in museums and other institutions in Swizerland, New York, Moscow, Barcelona and London among others and was nominated for the London Design Museum "Designs of the Year 2012" award in the Digital category which was won by Microsoft's Kinect.


Developed using openFrameworks and the Facetracker library through Kyle McDonald's ofxFaceTracker addon for OF

All the code is open source and can be found in this github repository.

Some technical information on how the software works can be found in this blog post.