La máquina absurda - 2009

Project with workshop format done in colaboration with Chris Sugrue during SummerLab 2009

During SummerLab 2009 we proposed the assistants to think in a piece of a Rude Goldberg machine.

There were only a rule, each software based piece should be connected to a hardware one. And the first of the elements should be connected to the last one.

Once the machine was connected each element began to trigger the next in and endless loop... Till one of them broke

All the ideas for the elements of the machine were thought and created during the week. At the end there were a hairdryer inflating a trash bag triggering a proximity sensor, a little robot wandering around the space who was seen by a camera which produced sounds. A plastic cups telephone transmitting sound from one computer to another. A cloth line moved by motors activated by some software that was looking for a laser projected on a wall. Some particle system visuals generated by lentils jumping on a speaker. And several more.


Most of the pieces were developed using openFrameworks, Processing and Arduino

La máquina absurda / The absurd machine from Zz on Vimeo.