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A stl::vector is the equivalent in c++ to a c array. Everything that can be done with a vector can be done with a c array and viceversa[1] the only difference between them is that the vector interface is object oriented, which means that your code will be cleaner and easier to understand. I'm going to explain here some aspects of it's inner workings trying to make it clearer how to use a vector in a safe and fast way.

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Depth data streaming

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Some days ago this tweet got me intrigued. Some hours later Joel asked for help to @mrdoob since him and @marcinignac did some pointcloud visualization in the browser using mrdoob's Three.js library during OFFF 2011. I had some code for streaming using gstreamer in openFrameworks so it was just a matter of joining the pieces.

@joelgethinlewis and @roxlu were trying to make this work at Art and code 2011 which topic this year was DIY 3D sensing and visualization.

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Faces. How it works.

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An idea i'm working on with Kyle McDonald

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